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Citizen Feedback Pilot Project Allowing Public Services Evaluation Via Smartphone

CAC Launches Citizen Feedback Pilot Project Allowing Public Services Evaluation Via Smartphone


Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC) together with Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS), Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) (ACT), and Hand Social Enterprise launched the pilot of “Citizen Feedback” project that will allow citizens to express their views regarding satisfaction and transparency of services provided by government agencies through on-line questionnaire developed by the private sector based on smartphone technology.

This project will establish a platform for the general public to reflect their opinions toward government services by scanning QR Code located at the agencies the visited, which will link them to a brief on-line survey that can be completed within mere two minutes.  Besides service rating, respondents can also indicate their impressions and obstacles as well as bribery lead they may find from visiting the government offices.  Respondents can provide their input freely as their identity will not be revealed while they can also track the survey results.

“This project will demonstrate how feedback from citizens can lead to benchmarking and a material change in the quality of public services.  Upon expansion of our project next year, we hope that information gathered from citizens will lead to a constructive efficiency enhancement of public services and that more efficient and transparent services will effectively mitigate corruption conditions.  Therefore, I would like to invite Thai citizens to participate in our survey” said Dr. Bandid Nijathaworn, CAC Secretary General.

The pilot project will run between September 18 and October 13, 2017, at five sites of three government agencies including 1) The Department of Land Transport’s registration unit 2) Food and Drug Administration’s license application center 3) Department of Land’s Bangkok Metropolitan Land Office 4) Department of Land’s Huaykwang Land Office and 5) Department of Land’s Nonthaburi Land Office.   The Office of Public sector Development Commission helped recruiting government agencies to participate in the pilot program.

This projected is initiated by the CAC as it studied tools that other countries used in tackling bribery problems and learnt that one of the effective tools is the creation of a platform that allowed citizens to express their opinions toward public services and provide information about bribery demand.


TMRS, comprising the country’s leading market research companies, will compile and analyze data received from the questionnaires, ensuring neutrality and credibility of the result. 

“The TMRS is proud to be involved in this citizen feedback project which will ultimately be for the betterment of Thailand. The TMRS is an association built on strong professional ethics and recognised for its international quality standard in Market Research, and it’s these professional quality standards which we will be contributing to the overall project to ensure it’s of the highest standard,” said Dr. Arpapat Boonrod, TMRS President.

The compiled data will be analyzed and presented statistically to compare level of satisfaction and transparency of each government agency on a regular basis.  The analytical result will be proposed to the evaluated agencies as well as constantly publicized through various media channels to assist help state agencies improve their services and satisfaction of visitors.

Moreover, analyzed data from private experts will help the government aware of citizen satisfaction level at government offices.  This input will help the government design incentives for state agencies to improve their efficiency, transparency, and service quality.  

More information about the Citizen Feedback project and survey result can be found at