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CAC Secretary

The Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), serves as the CAC Council secretariat and takes a leading role in driving the CAC project since 2010. 


Policy statement :
IOD aims to promote active private sector participation in  building  best  practice  standards and in reducing overall  corruption  in Thailand  and  sees  that as  an extension  of  its mission to promote  good corporate governance.


Strategy :

  1. IOD has engaged in the formation of the Private Sector Collective Action CoalitionAgainstCorruption (CAC)andwillact asthe secretariat of the CAC Council for the first 3 years of the CAC‘s existence.
  2. IOD will remain a member organization of the Coalition and willworkwithotherpartnerorganizationsandembers to ensure that the CAC becomes a sustainable independent body with it‘s own financial resource and mechanism.
  1. IOD will act as a knowledge resource center and service provider for the Coalition by developing Training Courses and byconducting surveys, research and seminars.
  2. On its own behalf and in coordination with CAC members and partner organizations, the IOD will also play a role in public advocacy and in engaging with various agencies (MOF, SEC, FeTCO and capital market players) to promote greater transparency and best practices in business.
  3. IOD will work wherever fit on incorporating anti-corruption best practices into the IOD's training program and as criteria in the CG scorecard.